Swami Sri Sudarshanacharya Ji Maharaj

Om Namo Narayan

Lord Shriman Narayan laid the foundation of Sri Sampradaya on the behalf of the almighty Mother Mahalakshmi. Though it still known by this name, but when His Holiness Sri Ramanujacharya got attached with this tradition, it acquired the Ramanuja Sampradaya, which means tradition. Guruji needs no introduction. His holiness Srimadjagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Sudarshanacharya Maharaj, also known as Guruji or Guru maharaj amongst his followers, was born in a prosperous family of brahmins who worked as farmers in the state of Rajasthan. His real name is Shiv (shambu) Dayal Sharma.

His devotion for Lord Narayana was aroused by a saint who sang the words"liy a diy a tere sang chalega, dharam karam ka naata hal, sai naam ki chinta kar le, dene wala daata hal" (whatever you give and take will go with you, religion and deeds are your associates, worry about taking the name of God, Lord is the giver). When he heard these words, he was taken in by the words and directed his life to a path of devotion and never fantasized about worldly goods.

At an age of seven years, when he was serving in Mendipur’s Balaji Temple under the guidance of the temple head priest Baba Ganeshpuriji, an incident occurred which led him to the path of devotion to the lord and helping others. A lady used to come to the temple who was troubled by spirits. She sat quietly in a corner for a month. When Guruji saw her, his heart warmed up and asked Baba Ganeshpuriji to help her. He replied that her condition is due to her past deeds and he shouldn't’t worry but leave everything to Hanumanji. Seeing the miserable condition of the lady, he pledged to help the people in this world. Under his pledge, he asked Baba to help her. Due to continuous persistence, Baba decided to help the lady. He threw some ash on the lady, and as soon as the ash fell on her body, she started shaking and started speaking. The spirit residing in her body told Baba that this lady was a partner in business with it and she borrowed three and a half lakh rupees from it. He had invited her to his house and then she poisoned him to death.

After the incident, the spirit wanted to destroy her family. It had killed both of her children already and she was the only one left. Baba asked the lady to return the spirit’s money. The lady did that and was cured completely. At the behest of the spirit, Baba constructed a dharamshala (shelter for people). Guruji asked Baba various questions. What was the cure? Baba instructed him to help the world. Upon being asked how, the Baba instructed him to learn Sanskrit and study scriptures. So in order to fulfill his mission, he set out to find out a suitable Guru who will take him under his wings.

And finally, he found his holiness Guru Sri Govindacharyaji, a scholar in Ramanuj tradition to teach him. Guruji was formally taken under his wing and completed his studies under his able guidance. After the completion of his studies, he went to Kashi to study further. He studied the vedas, shastras, purans, Darshanshastra etc, and obtained a deep understanding of the religion. He not only got a taste of the holy mantras but also got them under his control

Under the inspired guidance of Baba Ganeshpuriji, and on the orders of his Guru Sri Govindacharyaji, he started harsh penances in the deep forest of Bangarh which was about 200kms from his village. He continued his penances for a period of 12 years. During this period, he stayed in huts near Todabhim at Panchmadiarayanimata, Bhartuhariji and Pandupur

In the last stages of his penances, a saint dressed up like a Muslim (Lord Narayan) came to him and offered him three rotis (edible flour). He gently refused. The saint then asked him to eat two and he himself will eat one. Even this proposition was refused by Guruji. Then the saint offered him one roti. Even then he refused. The saint ate all the rotis in front of him. Turning to Guruji, he said,” Looking at your devotion, penance, aim and your pledge of helping the world, I came to offer you the three worlds. You refused. But tomorrow morning before nine, a saint will come and offer you food. This time you shouldn't’t refuse”. Next day, at the said time, a saint arrived and offered Guruji some food.

Heeding the advice of the saint, he took the food. The saint thus, gave him an indication that he will get whatever he wants. Since that day, the world has profited from the ways of Guruji and will continue to do so. The saint put forth a condition that Guruji must work in isolation for some time. So Guruji moved to Delhi and started helping people quietly.With the blessing of Lord Shriman Narayan he built Sri Siddh Daata Ashram on the Surajkund-Badkhal Road, Faridabad, in 1990.

This place is considered to be sacred and many saints have done austerities in the past at this place. Guruji started to expose his powers and abilities. He fulfilled his dream to make the ashram, which is spread over 9 acres a place for a common man as well. In 1996, Guru Maharaj laid the foundation stone for Sri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir is now pretty well known that whoever comes to the ashram with his heart in the right place has had all his wishes fulfilled. People come to Guruji from all the corners of the world and are amazed by his powers and his utmost devotion towards humanity. To acknowledge his devotion and contribution towards the mankind, all the Saints of the Sampradaya bestowed upon him the honour of JAGADGURU. In 1998, he was bestowed upon this honour on the banks of Ganga on the holy occasion of the Mahakumbhmela in Haridwar in the presence of Jagadgurus of other Sampraday's, Peethadeeshwars and Tridandi Swamis.
Ananth Sri Vibhushit Indraprasth and Haryana Peethadeeshwar Srimad Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Sri Sudarshanacharya Ji Maharaj

India is considered highly spiritually evolved because all great Sant Mahapurushas or great saints brought spiritual awareness among people on divine instructions. Our Sri Guru Maharaj is also one such great and highly evolved saint who has brought about spiritual awareness in our country. Known to be worshipped, spiritually accomplished saint, the eternal, (Ananth Sri Vibhushit) Head of Indraprasth and Haryana Peeth, Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Swami Sri Sudarshanacharya ji Maharaj, is very charming, simple, kind and committed to service and kainkarya (spiritual service to humanity). A person will be at loss of words when he begins to praise Sri Guru Maharaj. Feeding several hungry people, bless the childless with children and progeny and bless the unemployed with employment and prosperity in life is the result of your exemplary spiritual life.

Guruji was born to a very affluent agricultural Brahmin family in Padla Madhopur village, Sewai District of Rajasthan. Guruji were extremely religious as a child and had taken a resolution to bring about welfare of all humanity at the sanctum sanctorum of the famous Balaji Mandir at Mehendipur in the presence of the great Baba Ganeshpuri ji. Guruji received education at Vrindavan and Kashi, and studied the Vedas, Puranas, shastras and other books on Philosophy and realized the quintessence of dharma or consciousness of duty. On the instructions of exalted Guru Maharaj and on the inspiration of Sri Ganeshpuriji Maharaj, Guruji conducted austere penance in the thick forest of Bhangarh. Guruji experienced the power of all mantras and since known as siddha purusha in this world.

In the year 1990, implicitly following the instructions of Bhagavad Agya or order of God, Guruji established the Siddhdata Ashram in the land of Aravali near Faridabad, a place where great saints did penance on this earth. In 1996 on Vijayadashami, on the instructions of Bhagavad Agya, Guruji laid the foundation of the Divine Abode of Sri Lakshmi Narayan and as a result, many people visit this place to fulfill their desires relating to dharma (consciousness of duty), artha(prosperity & wealth), kama (worldly desires) and moksha (salvation) in the ambience of spiritual fervor and harmony.


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