About Sri Siddhdata Ashram, Faridabad, India

Om Namo Narayan

A Rajagopuram has been built at the entrance of the Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple. A golden kalash (swarna kalash) has been placed on top of the five-floored Rajagopuram. A gopuram of any temple plays a very important role according to vastu shastra. In the event of any dosh or evil aspersions on the land, the gopura strikes a balance and repeals the evil aspersions of the land. A darshan of the Gopuram is as much as visiting the temple for old people, tourists, or those unable to visit the temple.

Sri Garuda Sthamb
Just before the stairway, leading to the temple there is a Garuda Sthamb. Just as devout Garuda who remains in ceaseless service to the Lord, he remains there to inform devatas, gandharvas and other heavenly beings about the presence of this divine abode and hence one must bow his head in all humility. All devotees of the Lord prostrate in front of the Garuda Sthamb and are not supposed to prostrate in front of any other sannidhis in the temple. Devotees are devoid of all differences in caste, status etc. when they touch this sacred Garuda Sthamb and acquire the “bhakta swaroop” or the form of a devout being.

Divine Abode Of Sri Lakshmi Narayan
The entrancing lotus-eyed murthis of Sri Lakshmi Narayan, Sri Radha Krishna, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Sri Ram Darbar, Mother Durga, Mother Saraswati, Hanumanji Sri Gouri Shankar, Sri Ganesh, Sri Bhashyakar Ramanuja and Sri Guru Maharaj leave the devotee spellbound at this divine abode. The prana-prathishta or the consecration of the murthis of Lord Shriman Narayan and his consort Sri Lakshmi with all other murthis has been performed with complete reverence abiding by the fundamental precepts. The lotus-eyed murthis of Sri Lashmi Narayan will certainly leave you spellbound and entranced.

Sri Yagyashala
Various yagnas are organized during programs in the Sri Yagyashala established by Guru Maharaj wherein several devotees can perform ha van at one time. This Sri Yagyashala has been established according to the guidelines of the vastu shastra's. In addition, this place inevitably eliminates all hurdles and so people from various corners of the world come down with families to free themselves from all evil aspersions or evil spirits.

Satsang Bhavan
We have a Satsang Bhavan at the Divine Abode of Sri Lakshmi Narayan Bhavan where devotees can listen to discourses or enjoy the melodious Bhajans and keertan, and derive everlasting punya. It is very easy for a person to drown himself in paramanand or profound ecstatic bhakti and forget the miseries of the world. The Satsang Bhavan echoes with spiritual words of Sri Guru Maharaj, which lead his devotees on the path of duty and purpose in life. Satsang or spiritual discourses are organized in this Bhavan.

The Bageechee so genuinely taken care of by Sri Guru Maharaj has many trees and plants and this seems to be growing day by day. There is a small cottage or kuteer amidst the trees and plants where Guruji used to sit and study. Presently, Acharya sits and conducts discussion on philosophy and spiritual aspects. Hence, a visit to this place bestows special blessings and message of immense peace on those aspiring for moksha or salvation. The greenery around adds to the serenity of the place.

There are about hundred rooms built for the devout saints and renowned people visiting the heavenly Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple. They can rent rooms according to their ability and if they are unable to pay, they could avail free boarding and lodging from the Ashram. People who come to stay here enjoy the peace and harmony prevailing in the Ashram. The entire premise of the Ashram is filled with greenery and if a person drowns himself in prayer in such a serene atmosphere, it is like heaven come down on earth.

The Samadhi Of Sri Guru Maharaj
After having fulfilled the purpose of his incarnation on this materialistic world and return to the heavens, a Samadhi has been built in his memory and is place of great faith and conviction. The Samadhi is just a means for prayer and worship; Guru Maharaj is actually in every particle of this Ashram and protects his devotees from danger. This is a pilgrim center for those who are his ardent devotees and something more than an experience. His ardent devotees do not forget to visit this place when they come to temple.

Sri Darbar
Sri Guru Maharaj once used to sit here, free people from danger and solve their problems. People used to come from very far off places to see him and free themselves from difficulties and miseries in life. The moment he came in front of them, many would feel as if they were free from difficulties and miseries of life. They would return home with joy, peace and happiness in their hearts. People never went away without receiving what they really wanted and this is exactly what Guruji had promised.

The Old Sri Dhuna
Guru Maharaj had found this Dhuna and this dune was found under the earth while they were digging the place for laying the foundation of the Ashram. The present Acharya solves problems of several people here and also does his meditation or tapascharya. Acharyaji frees people from physical and other problems at this place. He puts in efforts to identify doubts and problems in the minds of people and shows them the way. People easily find solutions to various problems in their lives.

Sri Guru Maharaj always prayed for the good health and prosperity of all people and hence established a dispensary in the Ashram premises. Very senior doctors in the city provide regular and sincere services at the dispensary and thereby earn a lot of goodwill. There are no dispensary facilities in around the Ashram and so it is useful to all poor people in this area. A free check-up camp is organized every second Sunday of the month wherein specialists offer their services to people.

Guru Maharaj always felt that people who visit the Ashram must never leave without eating or hungry. He had performed several miracles in his life. The miracles have been such where none who visited the Ashram left hungry or thirsty. Food is cooked everyday here in the kitchen and prasadam is distributed among all devotees. Devotees not only satisfy their hunger, but also receive the blessings of Guruji. Devotees receive and accept this food only as Prasad.

To bring about an awareness on study and contemplation of scriptures among devotees, a library has been established in the Ashram premise, which has about more than five thousand books for readers. Devotees have the advantage of a clean and serene atmosphere to enjoy their study and contemplation. This is also an excellent place for exchanging ideas. There are books relating to duty, spiritual aspects, philosophy, astrology, karma and other books of religious fervor. The library includes puranas and other books useful to women, children, health and other useful subjects.

Narayan Goushala
A goushala has been established in the premises to preserve and protect cows. This goushala is between two parts of the Ashram premises. You will find cheer and joy on the faces of all volunteers serving the goushala. The milk obtained from the goushala is used for Prasad and food for devotees visiting the Ashram. One can easily see an ideal picture of Indian culture where cows are treated like mother. It would certainly deepen your attachment towards religion and culture.

The Divine Abode Of Sri Lakshmi Narayan And Siddhdata Ashram, Detailed
This Ashram is an outcome of a dream of both our Acharya's and having given it this magnificent form, they have shown us the heavenly golokadham. In the words of Sri Guru Maharaj – this place shall provide humaneness, duty consciousness and peace to all humanity and shall work as a center where people will be freed from all physical pain and other problems

Our Beloved Guruji and Swamiji

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